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About Us


YSL Entertainment Inc's business scope includes franchise, wholesale, retail, and leasing over 50 types of arcade game machines equipped with worldwide cutting-edge technologies. 

Products include, but not limited to, ordinary three-claw game machines, two-claw game machines, gift machines, vending machines, Artificial Intelligence embedded coffee machines, and online function game machines. 

Formed in 2019, YSL Entertainment Inc. is actively conducting business development and team formation at the post-pandemic period. Headquartered in Queens County, New York, YSL Entertainemnt Inc. connects vendors from Japan and China with huge entertainment consuming market in the U.S.  Customers include amusement centers, shopping malls, coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars that would like to provides a novel shopping experience. With reliable supply chains and logistics networks, the company is capable of providing efficient and personalized design, order, delivery, installation, and after-sale services.

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